Wilco specializes in japanese-inspired and polynesian/maori-inspired crossover tattoo's and Dot-Work.

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Raoul is an often seen guest at Gekko Tattoos. He specializes in traditional handpoked tattoos. We have build a special stage here for him to work on. He travels all over the globe to do his work.

You can check out our events to see when he will be here.

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Iestyn is an artist of its own kind. He does bodymodifications in every sence of the word. His beautiful art work is a craftmanship little people are capable of. He works in London at Divine Canvas, but is also an often seen guest here.        

You can check out our  events to see when he will be here.      

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Phil and Joanna are two refind tattoo artist who both work in Denmark at Meatshop Tattoo, but also love to come to Terneuzen to perform their skills here.

You can check out our events to see when they will be here.

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Lotje is a piercer at Gekko Tattoos. She has only recently started working here, but as Wilco's daughter, she has always had great interest in piercing. When the opportunity occured to learn it, she did so with great passion and now works here 3 days a week.

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